About Us

Ryhanh Group

In 2019, a marketing office was established, aiming to be a scientific centre for marketing medical and pharmaceutical solutions all over the region. This company started to offer unique solutions and business proposals in different sectors, starting with offering a new approach to selling and ending with running complete marketing campaigns across the countries. In 2021, Ryhanh Group started to extend its consultative approach and services to extend the operation to further countries in the Gulf region. In 2022, Ryhanh Group became a commercial business partner to be responsible for the full sales and marketing operation process for Saudi Arabia.


Relief Pain & Improve people life even in the farthermost places of Middle East & Africa Markets by facilitating innovative technology


We Believe That some patients have been excluded from The best Health Treatment due to Distance Or Absence Of Related Facilities Like Product Specialists & Knowledge so that our vision is to improve people life by facilitating innovative solutions

Core Values

core value


Always tell the truth

core value


Always looking for a problem from different angle

core value


we protect our employee dignity

core value


We participate only in markets where we can make significant contribution

core value

Value Providers

Provide our customers with values that make their life easier & more successful not only products providers

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